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Lots Rd, Earl’s Court

Situated a short walk from Chelsea harbour, this property on Lots Road was in desperate need of renovation, and the owners knew it. Rather than simply update the existing structure, they wanted to make real changes to the property, so got in contact with Lux Construction.

Following an initial integrity assessment of the existing foundations, excavation began on the basement. The design that the owners had settled on included a bedroom with and en-suite bath and a lounge area, complete with a bar. A rarity in most cases, but windows were possible on this basement conversion so frosted glass was installed, to allow natural light in and brighten the space. For extra luxury, gas fired under floor heating was installed throughout the basement and ground floors.

Something that our designers are particularly proud of on this build is the tan marble bathroom, a real touch of luxury on an outstanding property. The designers faced a challenge when it came to decorating the second sitting room, fitting something into an awkward space initially appeared as though it may be a problem but our design team came through again. A home theatre and entertainment unit were installed, with the option of being hidden behind a mirrored TV cover, to maintain the look.

The clients are overjoyed that they have a practical yet luxurious house to live in. Finishing touches included digitally controlled, gas fired under-floor heating throughout; digitally networked lighting and sound – all fully adjustable via an iPhone or iPad. The entranceway provides a real touch of class to the property, giving a spacious feel, without using valuable living space from the other rooms.

Project particulars. Design and build package by LUX Construction with the following partners:
Architectural Design: Sali Associates
Interior Design: LUX Construction
Structural Engineering: LUX Construction
Building Inspection: Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea
Basement tanking & sumps: Delta
Total internal area: 1680sq.ft.
Project Duration: 46 weeks
Local Authority: Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

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