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Case Studies

Welcome to Lux Constructions’ portfolio, in this section we have a particular focus on our previous projects in London’s prime areas. From these projects we have picked fifteen that really demonstrate our range of abilities, with some spectacular finishes as pictured. This will give you an idea of the bespoke solutions that Lux construction can provide and the variation in both size, and project type, that we have previously worked on.

We thrive when presented with a difficult project that others may be afraid to take on. Where other construction companies may shy away from listed buildings, we are proud of our reputation for taking them on, and producing spectacular results. Amongst our team are designers, engineers and builders at the very top of their respective fields. Some excellent examples of our previous work in listed buildings can be seen on Eaton Place, Denbigh Street and Holland Park.

Of course Lux Constructions’ ultimate goal is ensuring our clients happiness. Your ideas are absolutely critical throughout the project, we will take them on board and implement them at every step. With a little expert help, something that you previously thought couldn’t be done with your property can be created, above and beyond anything that you thought was possible.