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Hollycroft Ave, Hampstead Heath

As one of the highest points in London, Hampstead heath enjoys spectacular views over the city of London, and over the great park that is sited there. The area is however governed by some strict planning guidelines that seriously hamper some efforts at renovation, in particular in preventing major extension in any form. In situations such as this Lux Construction come into their own in designing a luxury conversion, within the remits set out.

Externally the property appeared exceptional, however once inside the faded and tired look ran throughout the property. The loft enjoyed spectacular views over Hampstead and beyond, but sadly had not been useable. Lux Construction immediately recognised the potential here; our in house design team, wanting to create something bespoke for the owners, set out detailed plans for a fully en-suite bedroom that made proper use of the space, whilst enjoying the great views on offer.

The designs were then passed to our building team to turn into a reality. By the end of the project the property would have a completely different look and feel throughout. This really is one of the benefits of having both in house design and construction teams, constant communication between the two eliminates any misunderstandings, and the combined effort on the single task always produces outstanding results.

Intelligent design with the lighting instantly gives a modern feel to the property. The open plan living room had a new fireplace surround installed, that gives the impression of spaciousness and luxury upon entering the room.

The modern, luxurious home that everyone wants can be incredibly difficult to find, even more so in London. This has triggered a trend in self-renovation, rather than selling and buying in recent years. Where planning restrictions are tight, and decisions on key aspects of the project need to be made, Lux Constructions years of experience come into play, and the whole project becomes seamless.

Project particulars. Design and build package by LUX Construction with the following partners:
Architectural Design: John Eshka & Associates
Interior Design: LUX Construction
Structural Engineering: LUX Construction
Building Inspection: London Borough of Campden
Basement tanking & sumps: n/a
Total internal area: 1420sq.ft.
Project Duration: 34 weeks
Local Authority: London Borough of Campden

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