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Property Restoration and Renovation London

Restoring and renovating London’s classic period architecture
With a vast portfolio behind us, our expertise lies in modernising properties to the highest standards, whilst maintaining their architectural integrity. Specialising in London period features such as stained glass, plasterwork, cut brickwork, natural stone and specialist paint finishes, particularly on carpentry, your property will have the skill and craftsmanship that it deserves.

If you are under the impression that the listed status of your property is restricting your plans, allow us to take you through the process of restoration and renovation, which can often cause initial confusion. We assure you that given our representation you will be able to create a space that you once thought was impossible.

Some of the projects that we have achieved consent on to date are:

  • The Peabody Estate
  • The Grosvenor Estate
  • The Phillimore Estate
External restoration of Listed Buildings

Brickwork repair

A variety of techniques are employed during brickwork repair, from crafting and installing replacement brick or stone, refurbishment of existing brickwork and entire repointing, if applicable.

Our experience tells us that these techniques are critical when repairing and in particular when enhancing Georgian listed buildings in some of London’s most desirable locations.

A technique commonly used is soot washing, this is used to treat brickwork, which is then repointed to match the existing building. Repointing carried out to a low standard can be a real eyesore, creating an obvious black and white contrast on the building.

Something which we would never recommend would be abrasive cleaning; this can cause irreparable damage, particularly to listed buildings. Soot washing can achieve the same dramatic results without the damaging effects associated with standard abrasive techniques.

Internal renovation of Listed Buildings


Within Lux Construction, we have number of experts that specialise in restoring and recreating bespoke types of ornate plasterwork, often found in London’s period properties. Our previous experience has given us a huge catalogue of moulds and designs, which we can apply to your property. If a new mould is required for a unique project we will create it exclusively for that project, to fit in with the existing plasterwork.

There are risks associated with attempting to repair historical plasterwork, we would never recommend anyone, other than an expert in the field carries out the work. A poor first repair can lead to added costs further down the line, and will almost certainly cause more harm than good.

Of course the majority of listed properties do not contain today’s modern day plasterboard. Early buildings contained internal partitions, constructed of timber studs with wooden strips which the lime was applied. Original Lime mortar was created using a blend of lime, sand and horse hair and we often come across this during our refurbishments. When faced with this existing, fragile plaster we make sure to work carefully and methodically to minimise disturbance, whilst still achieving the same consistently high finish.


During previous projects we have built up a strong relationship with many of London’s top antique restorers; where applicable certain pieces can be removed and worked on by these experts off-site, and refurbished to an original standard. The restorers would then visit the property to oversee the re-installation of the piece, restoring it to its former glory. Our main focus on all listed properties would be restoration and preservation, rather than refurbishment and alteration of the original features. Often having removed the first layer the base or supports require reinforcement; this would always be carried out with the greatest sympathy in order to maintain the integrity and appeal of the existing structure. If the situation enables us to, we have the ability to apply bespoke curved laminate support technology. This would only enhance the already existing period carpentry features.


It is proven that natural stone will last for hundreds of years, however over time there is inevitable degradation to the appearance of the stone. We use original Italian stonemasonry techniques to polish the tiles and slabs in situ, causing no impact to the surrounding materials. Where there is damage to the mortar that bonds the stone, the original material is sourced to recreate the finished look as it once was.