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Interior Design

Our track record in London interior design demonstrates our expertise in boutique refurbishment projects, space planning, and adhering to our client’s high standards.

Whilst our clients’ needs and lifestyle requirements form the backbone of any interior design project, all of Lux Constructions bespoke interior design projects are carried out with a sympathetic view towards the architectural style of the property. We will undertake large scale renovation and refurbishment projects, whilst respecting the character of the original structure, enabling the property to reach its full potential.

Lux Construction work on various projects ranging from renovation of elegant London mews to large scale 1000sqm mansions with basement swimming pool included.

Why Use an Interior Designer?

Lux Constructions interior designers are there to listen to your requirements, and turn them into reality. Perhaps you need a media room or an extension to your existing kitchen. Perhaps you would prefer something more luxurious than your current design. Our designers will take your ideas on board and transform your living space.

How it works?

During a free initial consultation our interior designer will analyse the space, take on board your ideas and start to visualise how best to proceed. Our designers’ initial thoughts and ideas around the concept will then be sent to you for discussion.

Once you are agreed with the design we will agree terms and draw up more detailed plans and visual aids, including 3D renderings and samples. To produce our 3D renderings we use the latest CGI technology.

There are three different levels of CGI that we regularly produce from our studio.


This will give a good indication of the layout with a partially rendered view from above; however, this will not contain any elevation pictures.

3D photo

A 3D photo can provide a completely different perspective, particularly when in comparison to a normal photo. Our 3D photos will contain at least two angles of our designer’s interpretation.

We can amend these as many times as you like, depending on the agreed budget, The amended images come complete with 2D elevations to show you the entire design from every aspect, prior to sign off.

3D video

Our increasingly popular 3D video allows you to step foot in your new home prior to refurbishment. A mandatory part of the video would be opting for the 3D photo beforehand, as part of the imaging package.

Procurement is also something that we are happy to take on as part of any project. Some pieces involved in bespoke designs may be difficult to source for somebody other than an industry expert. If you require artwork either purchasing or commissioning to finish the design, then we can also take care of this.