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The obvious choice for architectural and property renovation in London

Lux Construction Company’s style is so diverse that it could not possibly be placed into a single category; each and every project is a reflection of the client’s wants and needs, individually interpreted by our team. Each project is a new challenge for the team, with an endless range of ideas and inspiration that constantly adapt to each individual commission; we create the luxurious finish our clients demand.

Our design process actively involves the numerous professional services that will be used to complete the project. When appointing Lux Construction there is no need for you to direct an architect, interior designer or a structural engineer, all of this is taken care of; leading to the most effective and cooperative approach.

Within this approach is a great amount of flexibility, our services are governed by your original scope, and your feedback. We would never carry out something that the client has not specified, and would never pressure anyone into choosing one option over another; we want this to be your project and we want the design to feel like it’s your own. We will offer any guidance that is requested and listen to all requirements before offering this. Our experienced design team are there to support you, should you have a question at any stage they will be able to answer this for you.

If your project has stalled, or planning applications and outline schemes have not met the necessary criteria, we will happily take this project on and offer the support and guidance to get the project back on its feet. We will redevelop the plans according to your needs, and see them through to fruition.

Specialist basement conversions and planning consent services for London

Basement conversions nowadays are a well-established method of creating extra space, within London’s prime areas; retaining the original character of the property whilst giving families an increased standard of living. At Lux Construction we have years of experience in creating luxury basement conversions to the highest standards, in some of London’s key locations. With a reputation for creating some of the capitals finest conversions we are proud of our portfolio, and the benefits that we have brought to previous clients. As the criteria that needs to be achieved to gain the necessary consent for renovation seems to become more and more onerous, Lux Construction continue to meet these standards, and surpass our client’s expectations.

For more information please refer to our basement conversion page.

We are also experienced in taking on stalled projects and planning applications or outline schemes which have failed to deliver on expectations, redeveloping them according to the needs of yours and carrying them out.
LUX Construction has widely acknowledged skill in developing architectural schemes and understanding the background which goes to make them so successful.

Specialist basement conversions and planning consent services for London
Basement conversions and extensions are now an established feature of London's prime and super-prime houses. They allow families to enjoy contemporary lateral living whilst retaining the character and charm of a period home. LUX Construction has many years’ experience delivering basement conversions in London’s prime residential areas. Our high standards and commitment to quality design have earned us a reputation of delivering some of the finest conversions in the capital. LUX Construction has widely acknowledged expertise in basement planning consents and listed building basement consents. As the requirements for obtaining such basement consents become more onerous, it makes even more sense to engage a specialist like us.

Please see our special section on Basement Conversions for more information. Basement excavation works are carried out wholy by our own inhouse excavation and structural expertise teams.