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Protecting and managing your online privacy

Hansen&Co(UK)Ltd is committed to protecting you and any data (anonymous or otherwise) that we collect about you online. In this section you will find an explanation as to how we use cookies, why we use them and how this allows us to make improvements to our service. You will also find details on how to manage what cookies are stored on your device. This is called a cookies policy.

By using our websites, on any device, you are in agreement that this cookies policy applies to your usage and also that any other applicable terms and conditions apply

We reserve the right to make changes to our Cookies Policy at any time. Any changes that are made will appear here and will be effective immediately. Whilst you continue to use the websites you accept these changes.

What is a cookie?

Files containing small amounts of information which are downloaded to the device you use when you visit a website are commonly referred to as cookies. On each subsequent visit the cookies are then sent back to the originating website. Cookies have many purposes including remembering you preferences, and improving users experience when online.
There are a few different types of cookies, although they all work in the same way each has subtle differences.

Session cookies

These will only last for the duration of your visit to that site and are deleted each time you close your browser.
Session cookies are fairly common and provide a variety of uses such as helping to ensure that your session is secure. They can also keep you signed in to your personal administration page while you navigate between pages or services of your personal account.

The session cookies that we use for security designed to be very difficult to read, change, access or use for anyone other than us when you have an active session. They do not contain personal information that could be used to identify an individual.

Persistent cookies

These will remain after you have closed your browser allowing a website to remember your browsing habits and preferences. Persistent cookies are often used to provide targeted advertising based on what you have previously viewed.

Hansen&Co(UK)Ltd use persistent cookies to carry out multiple tasks such as remembering your username so that repeated entry each time you log on is not required. Use of persistent cookies also allows us to track and analyse customer visits to our site. Again this helps us to better understand how users interact with our site as well as enabling us to improve our service.

For full details about our cookies please refer to the list below.

First and third party cookies

Whether a cookie is a first or third party cookie will be defined by which website the cookie comes from. First party cookies are set by the website itself whereas all other cookies will fall into the category of third party. Both of these cookies are utilised on our website.

Strictly necessary cookies

Without these cookies you would not be able to move around and interact with our website, they are also essential for your security whilst online. Without these cookies, services such as purchasing products and managing your accounts can’t be provided. Unlike persistent cookies these will not collect data for marketing purposes.

Performance cookies

These cookies will collect information on how a particular user uses the site, for example how frequently they visit each page. Again these cookies will not collect personal information, but they may collect the IP address of the device used at the time. Any information that is collected by a performance cookie is strictly anonymous and is purely used to enhance the user experience and optimise advertising.

By using our website you are in agreement that we can place these cookies on your device, however you do have the option of blocking them by using you browser settings. More information of how to do this can be found online.

Functionality cookies

These allow a website to record choices that you make whilst using the website, for example your username. They can also be used to provide any services that you request from the website such as watching a video or expanding a photo. Again any information collected by these cookies is anonymous and doesn’t track your browsing activity across other sites.

By using our website you are in agreement that we can place these cookies on your device, however you do have the option of blocking them by using you browser settings.

Targeting cookies

Targeting cookies are used to collect several pieces of information about your browsing habits. Usually placed by advertising networks they remember that you have visited a specific website and pass this information onto other organisations.

This information is collected so that targeted adverts more relevant to you can be displayed in your browser. Companies providing this advertising are working with the UK’s Internet Advertising Bureau to deliver more information to consumers.
In the future publishers will have to display an icon in the top right corner of an advert which when clicked will display more information about behavioural advertising at your online choices.

By using our website you are in agreement that we can place these cookies on your device, however you do have the option of blocking them by using you browser settings.

Additional information

Occasionally we may embed external content from third party websites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) within our website. Third parties that we partner with also provide services for us which you can navigate to from our website; these third parties may use cookies which you can find out about on their websites.

What if I don’t want to accept cookies?

You can block or restrict cookies set by any website – including our website – through the browser settings on each browser you use; this is possible on each device you use to access the Internet.
Please be aware that some of our services will not function correctly if your browser does not accept cookies. However, you can allow cookies from specific websites by making them “trusted websites” in your Internet browser.