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Environment Policy

LUX Construction Company London environment policy is committed to its approach to environmental and corporate responsibility issues and is always looking for ways to improve and implement the reduction of the carbon footprint and efficiency of operations. This construction company London environment policy statement was produced to better carry out our sustainability targets and follow progress without a doubt. A vital part of the values and principles at LUX Construction is protection of the environment, while not sacrificing the efficiency of construction practises and we consider it to be a good business practice.

In this policy statement LUX Construction commits to:
  • Follow all the relevant environmental legislation, regulations and approved codes of practise.
  • Minimise our contribution to pollution of land, water or air and protecting the environment.
  • Negotiate return agreements with suppliers to bring as close to zero as possible the wastage of materials.
  • Maximise the efficiency of using materials and resources.
  • Dispose and manage waste as efficiently and reasonably as possible by segregating types of waste and considering the carbon footprint of the waste transit cycle.
  • Train our staff according to this policy and within environmentally aware culture.
  • Consider the environment factors during planning and implementation.
  • Constantly audit our operations effect on sustainability.
  • Implement and follow strict policies on site with respect to segregation and recycling.
We use environmentally friendly materials and products in construction wherever feasible:
  • Use of water based adhesives
  • 100% recycled gypsum
  • 100% recycled woodfibre board
  • only FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) approved timber
  • Minimise the use of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds)
  • Paint HAPS (Hazardous Air Pollutants) Free
We ALWAYS recycle:
  • Return to supplier or recycle to mulch wooden pallets
  • Separate and recycle all paper, cardboard or plastics
  • Directly recycle steel, aluminium, lead and copper
  • Inert sand/soil/gravel from digging operations
In addition, LUX Construction does not operate a large amount of vehicles and uses public transport or cycling wherever possible.

The management team agrees with these policies and is fully committed to their implementation.

This policy statement is regularly reviewed and updated upon yearly audit.