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Quality Assurance

At Lux Construction we have a team of highly experienced Construction Quality Assurance staff (CQA). Their extensive knowledge comes as a result of years of experience working on detailed luxury construction projects, in some of London’s most prime areas. This experience and expertise allows Lux Construction to deliver project management, design, CDM and CQA for multiple project types.

As part of our inclusive and adaptive approach, we incorporate all stakeholders’ criteria into each process during a project; this has allowed us to develop strong relationships with our clients, peers and industry partners.

To date our consistently high quality service has enabled us to achieve numerous affiliations and accreditations, both at organisational and individual staff levels.

Lux Constructions CQA implementation has been completely overhauled in the past ten years, led by our senior management, all of whom are chartered with the respective major professional and national bodies. Our high level of quality is not only of benefit to us but also to our clients; the diligence shown by our staff when it comes to quality assurance helps to identify problems before they materialise, enabling effective solutions to be made.

Our CQA includes:
  • A project overview in relation to progress and quality focusing in particular on an on-site perspective;
  • Regular liaison with suppliers and project associates in order to ensure that effective communication is constant throughout the project;
  • Ensuring that the construction process adheres to all requirements specified by the CQA plan and the client by internal quality control of the CQA process;
  • Priority management with regards to any material testing laboratories engaged in the CQA process;
At Lux Construction we believe our employees are our biggest asset, particularly when it comes to service delivery. We strive to keep our staff engaged and invest heavily, to ensure that they have the latest qualifications applicable to their role. We strongly encourage career development and provide everything that is necessary for our staff to progress in the industry.